Clips roundup – Nov, 2014


Menstrual period can is a pain for every women. Cramps, pain, lack of intimacy. I wish we could without it! Yes we can! A new clip by on stopping your period can explain how to do that. Very useful for young women, recommended for all women.

This Clip titled “how to grow hair faster” but actually presents way of stopping hair loss with simple home remedies. Very useful. We have multiple drugs for hair loss on the market – but all have their severe side effects. Home remedies dont have, and that’s a big plus. Recommended for anyone who’s hair starts to disappear.

Tonsil stones can be a big and aeful problem. This clip describes in details how to eliminate tonsil stones and be healthy again.
Excellent tutorial!


So Funny! Couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this clip!

Does this cat have supernatural powers?



An excellent clip by Vlegel – from the party on Ibiza and Miami. Vlegel is my favorite artists… Its a band from Netherlands that generates excellent music, mostly more moderated version of house and trance. The clips are awesome as they are taken from parties all over the continent. Makes me feel great when I hear it!

What can we say about Lou Bega that havent been said before? He one of the best musicians on the planet? His music is just great. Tastes like Cola – hits the first place on US music charts. Simply and pure joy!